donderdag 17 februari 2011

Tom's Life Strategies Part 1 - The Tutorial

My first blog entry!

Not exactly a historical landmark, but hey Rome wasn't build in a week too right? So what can you expect to find in this blog? Like so many people  connected to the internet this blog just came from the desire to share life and experiences with other people around the world. 

In my case: what do you do when you're a strategy game player who needs to survive in real life? Exactly, you find ways to survive and thrive. In this blog I will tell you about my life, the funny stuff and the hard stuff and how I deal with it.

Leave some responses and feel free to subsribe/follow me! I will ofcourse return the favour and am curious to see what occupies your mind :) 


16 opmerkingen:

  1. I raise my hand of rock at you, and in the name of rock its time to roll!

  2. Welcome to the blogosphere! Feel free to poke around, and introduce yourself. :D

  3. Waiting to see your strategies.

  4. This is cool. I can't wait to see what comes of your blog!

  5. Sweet, I can't wait to know about the Challenges that ahead!

    That's my other blog!

  6. Welcome! Make some good posts ;) we'll be waiting

    / (you can edit that out :D

  7. Welcome, looking forward to your next post mate

  8. Interesting, following in wait for more. Keep it up.